N-360 H High Rise Scissor Hoist

Technical Data


3600 kg

Lifting Time

40 sec

Lowering Time

40 sec


38-V 3Kw 3Ph 50Hz-60Hz

Lifting Height


Minimum Height


Total Width


Total Weight


Angle adjustable access ramp enhances the protection of the tyre

Independent master and slave hydraulic oil line, reinforced structure design, strong and reliable automatic levelling system

Reinforced structure design, strong and reliable

Equipped with emergency release valve

Other Highlights

  • Global technology design patent
  • Each group of master cylinder is equipped with explosion-proof valve to ensure safe use
  • Unique left and right platform integration design, air source and power connection free under platform
  • Two sides drive on, making full use of space
  • Once started, can reach the maximum load immediately
  • Each lift passes the test of 115% dynamic load and 150% static load. Safe and reliable.
  • Lift is equpped with product liability insurance globally