We believe that NEXT Tech Equipment customers will notice and value what we have to offer.

When it comes to choosing new equipment for the workshop, it pays to connect with people who have a great long-term track record in the industry.

Next Tech Equipment is a partnership between two long term equipment industry specialists and an accounting and administration expert.

Tim Green a Nexion (Italy) brand importer for over 15 years with 25 years equipment industry experience and Don McEvoy with a broad range of equipment industry experience over 25 years including Nexion group products. Matthew Jeavons is also a partner in NEXT Tech Equipment and brings along with him 20 Years of accounting, administration systems and financial experience and has worked closely with Tim for the previous 15 years.

The issue with the market that Don , Tim and Matt recognised was the “disconnect” between their larger industry competitors and customers. Often the customer was only left with a “brand” name to make the decision for their equipment requirements when years ago, the expertise, advice and honesty of the equipment specialist was once revered.

The modern “transactional” style of sales technique doesn’t resonate with either Don ,Tim’s or Matts ethics and rather than swim in the “Sea of Same-ness” as their competitors, they decided to partner together in an exciting new company that brought back the equipment expert and trust to the market.

From discussing features and benefits along with the after sales support, the Next Tech equipment customer can be assured that the information they receive is accurate and honored by 3 experienced and dedicated professionals.

To move forward with their plans, we had to ensure their suppliers had the same vision as they had.

Tim has attended many trade shows around the world over the years and has created fantastic relationships globally with many manufacturers. Tim’s longest relationship has been with TECO (Italy) A Nexion owned equipment manufacturer.

This 15-year relationship has been amazing and those relationships only last that long when there is mutual respect and a desire to work together.

Further to that, Tim has also had a strong relationship with WorldBright . Bright had been a family business since its inception 32 years ago. The new joint venture “CORWEI (Yingkou) Industrial Ltd” is the name of the business created in 2017 by the partnership of the Corghi and Wei family (the owners of Bright).

It is why the connection between Next Tech Equipment (Aust), its suppliers TECO Italy, Corwei (Yingkou) Industrial Ltd and the world’s premier equipment manufacturer, Nexion (Italy) is a partnership forged in expertise, quality and dedicated industry professionals.