• Pneumatic lift having maximum working capacity of 85kg (185 lbs).
  • Pnuematic wheel locking system.
  • Bead breaking system with blade (available only for version MI).

N-100 Variant Tyre Changer

Proudly made in Italy

Technical Data

Locking Capacity

12" - 30"

Max Wheel Diameter

1150 mm (45")

Max Wheel Width

380 mm (15")

Disc Bead Breaker Force

800 Kgf (1765 lbf)

Turntable Speed

8-15 rpm (8 rpm 1sp)

Working Pressure

10 Bar (145 psi)

Lift Capacity

85 Kg (185 lbs)

3-Phase El. Motor

0,8-1,1 kW (1,1,-1,5 Hp)

1-Phase El. Motor

0,75 kW (1,0 Hp)

Max Net Weight

510 Kg (1125 lbs)

Lateral Bead Breaking System

Completely re-designed lateral system with discs which perform a controlled penetration under the tyre edge and rotation of the upper arm for free working area access. The arm synchronisation avoids the necessity of mirrors or cameras, while the disengagement system of upper arm allows to perform in series the bead breaking activity on wheels having the same diameter.

Automatic Lever-Less Mounting Head

Automatic system equipped with plastic protections controlled by an on-purpose joystick. Thanks to an easy, quick and automatic demounting procedure, no effort is required from the operator side without any risk of rim scratches or tyre damage.

Bead Pressing Device

New standard supplied independent floating bead presser, integrated in the vertical post, which helps the operator to mount and demount particularly tough or low profile tyres such as «Run-Flat». The bead pressing tool height is easily adjustable for reverse rims handling.

Traditional Bead Breaking (Optional)

To be factory installed and with bead breaking blade, it features a double acting bead cylinder and it is specifically conceived to handle mainly steel rims: max rim diameter 17” and max wheel width 320 mm (12,5”). Only for versions with Motoinverter.


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