N-Everest Tyre Changer

Proudly made in Italy

Technical Data

Rim Diameter

from 13" to 28"

Max Tyre Diameter

1200 mm

Max. tyre width

15" (from the wheel supporting base)

Tyre types processed

conventional, low profile and Run Flat


automatic - pneumatic

Drive system

2 speed - inverter motor

Rotation torque

1100 Nm

Rotation speed

7 - 18 rpm

Max. bead-breaking range

670 mm

Bead breaker stroke

540 mm

Bead breaker force

7600 N

Power supply electric 1Ph

230V - 50/60Hz

Power supply electric 1Ph (alternative)

110V - 50/60Hz

Pneumatic operating pressure

8 bar (minimum)


425 kg

Super Automatic tyre changer with LEVERLESS / CONTACTLESS technology

New automatic tyre changer, “leverless” working technology for car, SUV and commercial vehicle wheels of up to 28 ”. Mounting and demounting tool whereby the rim is never touched and the stress on the tyre is reduced. Tool with manual rotation to speed up work operations.

Technical Solutions:

  • Wheel lifter with full movement for moving the wheel on the ground to working position and vice versa, bead breaking performed with two specular bead breaker discs with controlled penetration control, automatic wheel clamping with effective, fast and simple pneumatic system.
  • A work console with all the work commands to allow the operator to work in maximum levels of ergonomics and effectiveness.

All this translates into greater operating speed, risk-free for the operator and the rim, even during the most demanding work phases, ease of use and universality of wheel types.

This means that the equipment can be used to its full working potential.

Zero Effort Wheel Lifter

Front lifter with full upwards and downwards movement. It allows the operator to move the wheel on the tyre changer without any effort and without changing working position.

Automatic - Pneumatic Clamping System

New wheel-clamping system for quick operation and flexible with all wheel types. The pedal - when pressed - releases the clamping system turntable centring handle. In the rest position, the clamping system of the turntable centring handle is normally active. The pedal is used over the wheel preparation and turntable clamping phase, as well as to release the wheel once the operation has been completed.

New Mounting and Demounting Tool

The radial positioning of this innovative tool is carried out by using the controls on the panel. Tool with manual rotation to speed up work operations. By performing the rotation, the tool will remain automatically in the correct radial position over the two phases. The part used for disassembling is equipped with a patented spring system to facilitate the entry of the brad breaker disc between rim without any risk for the tyre itself.

Control Panel

Complete and intuitive

Multifunctional control panel contains all the operating controls.

Bead Breaking Unit

Dynamic bead breaking device with dual specular bead breaker disc. The radial positioning of the discs is made easier through an automation device preventing the operator from wrong manual positioning.

Controlled penetration (Patent Pending):

  • Precision
  • Speed
  • Repeatability

are guaranteed by the patented bead-breaking system and perfect correspondence between the two discs.

Ideal for dynamic bead breaking and for rim and tyre match mounting, thanks to the two dual control discs.


Bead Pressing Tool - Run Flat No Problem

  • Bead pressing tool with adjustable working height
  • Depressor shape ideal for RFT tyres
  • Standard supplied in all versions
  • Return to the working position is made easier with a spring system