N-750 Wheel Aligner 3-D

With 40000 + Various International Vehicle Data

User friendly operation interface. Simple and efficient, easy to learn, fast to select. Ergonomic worktable. Extra large size high resolution LCD monitor.

Cross Beam Lifting Device

With bean tilt device and various camera angles, the beam angle can be adjusted by pressing a key. The minimum height of the column can be two levels, 2 meters and 2.5 meters. There is no space limit.

High Resolution Target Board

Unique high resolution 8x8 and 8x9 targets.

High Resolution Cameras

New generation camera with high-resolution lenses.

Clamps: 10" - 26"

Italian Software

Standard Configuration

Windows 10 PC Mouse, Printer Monitor x 2

Technical Data

Measuring Technology


Angle Measuring Device


Operating System

Windows 10 loT

Alignment Precision

0,01 degree

Total Toe

± 20,000 degrees


± 10,000 degrees


± 30,000 degrees

King Pin

± 30,000 degrees

Set Back

± 22,000 degrees

Thrust Angle

± 10,000 degrees

Steering Difference

± 20,000 degrees

Power Supply


Camera Resolution

2592 x 1944
10,000,000 PIXEL